The Top 5 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers

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When preparing to move into a new house, it’s tempting to try to handle the lifting and moving yourself, especially if you’re trying to save money ahead of the move. In reality, though, moving everything on your own means risking damage to your body and your belongings, even if you have a few able-bodied friends to help you out.

It’s best to leave the manual labor to experienced, affordable movers near me who can safely and easily get your belongings to your new home. Here are five of the most compelling reasons to hire a professional moving service:

1. Accountability

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Once you hire a moving company, they become accountable for seeing that all of your belongings make it to the new house without being damaged or lost. Any reputable moving company will be insured against damage to their customers’ property, which means you’ll be reimbursed if any of your things are damaged during the move. It’s worth adding that damage is much more likely to occur if you handle all the moving yourself, and if you go it alone, you’re the only one accountable.

2. Reliability

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No matter how patient or how strong your friends may be, they aren’t trained professionals. This makes them likely to drop your belongings or pack them improperly, both of which can cause serious damage. Trained movers, on the other hand, are unlikely to let either of these things happen.

3. They’ll Handle the Inventory

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Taking inventory of everything in your old home is one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of the moving process. What many homeowners don’t realize is that most moving services will create an inventory for you and then check it once they’ve finished moving everything to the new house. This limits your stress while also increasing the likelihood of everything making it to your new home in one piece. Additionally, the most affordable movers may even offer this service for no additional charge.

4. Local Knowledge

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Another often-overlooked benefit of professional movers is that they’re excellent at finding the fastest, safest route from your old home to your new one. Local movers usually know their area like the back of their hands, and they’ll research and plan carefully for long-distance moves. This means no arguing with your friends or family over the best way to get there.

5. Personal Safety

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The absolute best reason to hire professional movers is to keep yourself–and anyone helping you–safe. Moving heavy items like large TVs or bulky furniture can lead to pulled muscles or worse, especially if you aren’t used to heavy lifting. Rather than risk injury, let professionals handle the job.

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