Debunking 6 Common Moving Myths

We have all heard scary moving stories. Some warnings and tips are repeated all over the internet and at some point we assume that it’s gospel truth while it’s not. Often, rumors turn into facts, yet they are all exaggerated lies. Before contacting budget movers, it is the high time to set the record straight and put these misconceptions to book.

1. You don’t need moving boxes

Although it is easier to go to the grocery store and get a few boxes for your relocation, this is not an advisable thing to do. Grocery boxes are not designed for packing items during a move. This is because they are unable to withstand a lot of impacts. It implies that your items are at the risk of getting damaged and breaking. That is why you should opt for moving boxes.

2. Hiring movers is expensive

Some people believe that they will save money by moving their items without the help of a professional mover, which isn’t true. There is a reason why moving companies offer their services. When you try doing everything alone, the work might get overwhelming, and you might not finish on time. Besides, you can source the assistance of budget movers. Credible moving companies take away the stress of packing and moving items.

3. Movers will carry anything you ask them to

Although most movers can relocate almost everything, they cannot transport illegal, dangerous, unsafe, or unethical items during a move. That is why it’s best not to assume anything. Inquire beforehand what they won’t take so that you can plan accordingly. For instance, chemicals, explosives, and firearms are illegal to transport. Some movers don’t accept to relocate perishable food items either.

4. Expect some items to break

Moving companies have come a long way in the trade. Although they haven’t always been known to offer quality services, they have evolved, and you can rely on them. The best budget movers Calgary in the country pride in caring for all the household items and avoiding breakages. Therefore, do not assume that damages aren’t inevitable because they are.

5. Moving on Friday is a great idea

Rumor has it that moving close to the weekend such as on Friday is an excellent idea because you have the entire weekend to unpack. While this is true, remember that you are not the only one with this idea. Budget movers are busiest during the weekends and holidays. Therefore, prices might be higher during these times.

6. Moving is certainly stressful

Relocating is often a mixture of sunshine and rainy season. However, it doesn’t have to involve stress, meltdowns, disasters, and tears. While such events are likely to happen if you don’t plan properly, it is not unavoidable.

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