Debunking 6 Common Moving Myths

We have all heard scary moving stories. Some warnings and tips are repeated all over the internet and at some point we assume that it’s gospel truth while it’s not. Often, rumors turn into facts, yet they are all exaggerated lies. Before contacting budget movers, it is the high time to set the record straight and put these misconceptions to book.

1. You don’t need moving boxes

Although it is easier to go to the grocery store and get a few boxes for your relocation, this is not an advisable thing to do. Grocery boxes are not designed for packing items during a move. This is because they are unable to withstand a lot of impacts. It implies that your items are at the risk of getting damaged and breaking. That is why you should opt for moving boxes.

2. Hiring movers is expensive

Some people believe that they will save money by moving their items without the help of a professional mover, which isn’t true. There is a reason why moving companies offer their services. When you try doing everything alone, the work might get overwhelming, and you might not finish on time. Besides, you can source the assistance of budget movers. Credible moving companies take away the stress of packing and moving items.

3. Movers will carry anything you ask them to

Although most movers can relocate almost everything, they cannot transport illegal, dangerous, unsafe, or unethical items during a move. That is why it’s best not to assume anything. Inquire beforehand what they won’t take so that you can plan accordingly. For instance, chemicals, explosives, and firearms are illegal to transport. Some movers don’t accept to relocate perishable food items either.

4. Expect some items to break

Moving companies have come a long way in the trade. Although they haven’t always been known to offer quality services, they have evolved, and you can rely on them. The best budget movers Calgary in the country pride in caring for all the household items and avoiding breakages. Therefore, do not assume that damages aren’t inevitable because they are.

5. Moving on Friday is a great idea

Rumor has it that moving close to the weekend such as on Friday is an excellent idea because you have the entire weekend to unpack. While this is true, remember that you are not the only one with this idea. Budget movers are busiest during the weekends and holidays. Therefore, prices might be higher during these times.

6. Moving is certainly stressful

Relocating is often a mixture of sunshine and rainy season. However, it doesn’t have to involve stress, meltdowns, disasters, and tears. While such events are likely to happen if you don’t plan properly, it is not unavoidable.

5 Tips To Packing Fragile Dishes and Glassware

When it comes to packing up and moving a kitchen, there is a lot of factors to consider. When you use professional movers, they can pack and box the fragile items for you, but you can get a jump on the process by boxing up dishes and glassware that you rarely use. There are specific things you can do to help ensure these items make it to your new home in one piece. Here are five tips on how to pack breakable dishes and glassware for the movers.

1. Supplies

Gather your supplies before you get started. If you have a stack of newspaper, that will work, but most people do not get the actual newspaper anymore. Most moving and storage services Toronto companies have large rolls of plain paper that you can buy. Grab a big roll of paper, packing peanuts, plastic bubble wrap, tape, boxes, and a black marker.

2. Wrapping Plates and Bowls

You will want to wrap each piece individually. This process does take some time, but it is one of the most important steps. To wrap a plate, cut off a piece of wrapping paper that is big enough to go around it at least twice. Fold the paper in half, and set the plate in the center. Wrap the paper around the plate, and be sure to cover all of it, and get the paper as tight as possible. Cover the bowls the same way, but during the final wrap, push the ends of the paper into the bowl. Tape the ends into place.

3. Wrapping Cups

Each cup will be wrapped individually also. Cut off enough paper to stuff inside the cup, and pack the cup. If you are wrapping a mug, stuff some paper between the handle and the cup. Cut off enough paper to wrap around the cup twice. Lay the wrapping paper out, and set the cup on the corner. Roll the paper around the cup, and stop every few inches to fold in the sides. It will look like a ball when you are done.

4. Wrapping Wine Glasses

When you are packing wine glasses, you will want to protect the stem. Cut enough paper to wrap around the stem several times. You should use enough paper, so the stem is as thick as the glass when you are done wrapping. Stuff paper into the glass then roll and fold as you did with the cups.

5. Packing

Once you have finished wrapping everything, you will need to pack the plates separately than the glasses and cups. To pack the dishes, put bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Place the plates in side-by-side instead of on top of each other. Pack the bowls in the same manner. Add packing peanuts to fill any gaps in the box, and put another layer of bubble wrap on top. Tape the box closed, and label as fragile plates.

When packing the cups and wine glasses, add the bubble wrap to the bottom of the box. Add the cups and glasses upright and fill any gaps with packing peanuts. Finish with bubble wrap, and label as fragile glasses.

5 Door Lock Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

Door locks are essential and hardworking equipment at home, but they usually go unnoticed. When your door locks get broken, you can easily sleep outside or unable to secure your house. Lock repair is a concern that should never be overlooked. Homeowners and renters ought to know when to call a locksmith to replace a broken lock and also know the common causes of broken locks so that they know how to prevent or handle broken door locks.

1. The lock has seized up

Your lock may have seized up if you have tried putting the key inside the lock, but it doesn’t turn it. Usually, locks seize up as a result of several issues such as grime or dirt getting caught in the mechanism. The common reason behind this is often lack of lubrication. However, do not make a mistake of using oil to lubricate the lock. Instead, hire a locksmith service to handle the broken lock professionally.

2. Weather-stripping

Weather stripping is a common cause of broken locks. It misaligns the bolt and prevents it from functioning as it should. Weather stripping erodes the exterior paint, which results in a broken lock. You should hire an expert to install a new vinyl-stripping or replace the lock based on the extent of the damage.

3. Frozen lock

You shouldn’t overlook the fact that your lock might have frozen if the weather is freezing. Frozen locks are a primary cause of broken locks, and most homeowners have experienced this issue during the winter months. If your lock brakes during the cold months, you need a locksmith to fix the problem. You may also warm the key before inserting it into the door. You can warm your keys in a hot water bowl or place it on top of a radiator. The locksmith cost for new car key is small compared to the consequences.

4. The lock bolt is not operating

The lock mechanism is faulty if you have put your key into the keyhole, but the lock bolt is not operational. If that happens, you need professional services to remove the lock or remove other worn out parts. You can first remove the lock to see if it has missing parts. Also, you might have to replace the lock if the locksmith discovers that the extent of the lock damage is severe. Most locksmiths advise people to replace the locks rather than replacing the existing locks because the lock might still break in the future.

5. Door latch doesn’t catch shut

The chances are that the latch will not catch when you shut the door if the bolt is misaligned. It is one of the primary causes of broken locks. You will need to hire professional help to check on the depth of the gap in the latch plate.

5 Types of Emergency Plumbing Services

You may need emergency plumbing services often if you don’t practice preventative maintenance. Therefore, make sure you review the following emergency services and make it your goal not to call a plumber about these types of services too often.

1. Recurring Leaks

Plumbers get emergency calls about leaks quite often. If you want to reduce the number of times you call about leaks, you need to have regular plumbing inspections made of your pipes and drains. By taking this approach, you will cut down on plumbing difficulties, including the issues that leaks trigger.

For example, a leak may be either concealed or visible. Therefore, you can have a leak inside your wall or beneath your foundation and not know it. A plumber can detect a hidden leak by using some of today’s technologies. That way, he can fix the problem before it leads to a burst pipe or worse.

Usually, leaks often form around toilets, next to hot water heaters, and beneath sinks. However, they can form anywhere. That is why you need to have your pipes and drains regularly inspected.

2. Dripping Taps

Whilst a dripping tap may seem like a small annoyance, it actually constitutes a plumbing emergency. That is because the dripping can lead to bigger problems and also adds to your water usage. Drips worsen with time and trigger corrosion and flooding. That is why you need to contact a plumbing company at the first sign of dripping.

3. A Lack of Water Pressure

If you don’t’ have water pressure, you cannot wash clothes or shower. Therefore, you need to have the problem checked immediately by a plumbing specialist. Don’t wait to have this type of repair made as doing so can break up your daily routine. At the first sign of a drop in pressure, you should contact a plumbing contractor. You can find more resources at Drain Rescue.

4. No Hot Water

Another plumbing emergency that needs to be addressed immediately is when you don’t have hot water. If a hot water heater stops working, it just may have reached its useful life. That is why you should always have inspections made at least once a year. You can avoid replacing your hot water heater at an inopportune time.

5. A Drain or Pipe Blockage

You also need plumbing help if your drain or pipe is obstructed. A clog can happen for one of various reasons. Sometimes, the obstruction is due to tree roots or because of an accumulation of grease. Plumbers have cameras that they insert into drains and pipes that show where an obstruction is located.