5 Tips To Packing Fragile Dishes and Glassware

When it comes to packing up and moving a kitchen, there is a lot of factors to consider. When you use professional movers, they can pack and box the fragile items for you, but you can get a jump on the process by boxing up dishes and glassware that you rarely use. There are specific things you can do to help ensure these items make it to your new home in one piece. Here are five tips on how to pack breakable dishes and glassware for the movers.

1. Supplies

Gather your supplies before you get started. If you have a stack of newspaper, that will work, but most people do not get the actual newspaper anymore. Most moving and storage services Toronto companies have large rolls of plain paper that you can buy. Grab a big roll of paper, packing peanuts, plastic bubble wrap, tape, boxes, and a black marker.

2. Wrapping Plates and Bowls

You will want to wrap each piece individually. This process does take some time, but it is one of the most important steps. To wrap a plate, cut off a piece of wrapping paper that is big enough to go around it at least twice. Fold the paper in half, and set the plate in the center. Wrap the paper around the plate, and be sure to cover all of it, and get the paper as tight as possible. Cover the bowls the same way, but during the final wrap, push the ends of the paper into the bowl. Tape the ends into place.

3. Wrapping Cups

Each cup will be wrapped individually also. Cut off enough paper to stuff inside the cup, and pack the cup. If you are wrapping a mug, stuff some paper between the handle and the cup. Cut off enough paper to wrap around the cup twice. Lay the wrapping paper out, and set the cup on the corner. Roll the paper around the cup, and stop every few inches to fold in the sides. It will look like a ball when you are done.

4. Wrapping Wine Glasses

When you are packing wine glasses, you will want to protect the stem. Cut enough paper to wrap around the stem several times. You should use enough paper, so the stem is as thick as the glass when you are done wrapping. Stuff paper into the glass then roll and fold as you did with the cups.

5. Packing

Once you have finished wrapping everything, you will need to pack the plates separately than the glasses and cups. To pack the dishes, put bubble wrap on the bottom of the box. Place the plates in side-by-side instead of on top of each other. Pack the bowls in the same manner. Add packing peanuts to fill any gaps in the box, and put another layer of bubble wrap on top. Tape the box closed, and label as fragile plates.

When packing the cups and wine glasses, add the bubble wrap to the bottom of the box. Add the cups and glasses upright and fill any gaps with packing peanuts. Finish with bubble wrap, and label as fragile glasses.

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