4 Tips for Preparing a Negotiation Plan Ahead of a Long Distance Move

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One of the powerful tools during a long distance move is negotiation. It brings the win-win outcome out of any situation to ensure that everyone involved feels satisfied including movers. Skillful negotiations can help settle issues, resolve conflicts, provide efficient solutions, and prevent escalating hostility. A negotiation strategy can even ensure success during a move and save you a lot of money. Here is how to create a negotiation strategy ahead of a long distance move.

1. Know What is Possible

You first need to look for a moving company and what is fair in the industry before gathering estimates and planning for relocation. The first thing should be to research the cost of a long distance move, available options, and companies that are worth transacting with.

2. Get Estimates from Different Movers

Of course, everyone would want to gather as much estimates as they can to have greater bargaining power. Get price quotes from at least three reputable moving services in your area. However, request the mover to provide visual surveys as online estimates aren’t always accurate. However, be specific and clear during the walk-through and let the moving company see every item you would want to relocate with to your new residence. Show the mover every item that may need special packing materials and handling and discuss any extra service that might be necessary. Also, inform the mover of any special conditions or possible obstacles at your new home.

3. Look for a Licensed Mover

Conduct a thorough background check of a potential moving company before signing up for its services. Verify its insurance and licensing information to make sure you are dealing with a licensed and trustworthy mover. It may also be necessary to check the company’s complaint histories and how it resolved complaints against it. Ask for references before transacting with a potential moving professional. You can look for its reviews on different reputable review platforms or try to get testimonials and referrals from friends and relatives.

4. Plan Your Negotiation Strategy

After gathering all the necessary information and getting guaranteed that you won’t fall victim to a rogue moving company, devise the best negotiation tactics. Use those strategies to get the best deal on your next long distance move. Use competition in the long distance mover Calgary industry to your advantage and ask for special offers and discounts. The best way to save on a long distance move is to do some of the work yourself, forgo some accessory services, and make your move as flexible as you can. After determining your objectives and creating a plan, then you are ready to negotiate with your moving company. Moving services are as negotiable as other resources and services.

5 Types of Emergency Plumbing Services

You may need emergency plumbing services often if you don’t practice preventative maintenance. Therefore, make sure you review the following emergency services and make it your goal not to call a plumber about these types of services too often.

1. Recurring Leaks

Plumbers get emergency calls about leaks quite often. If you want to reduce the number of times you call about leaks, you need to have regular plumbing inspections made of your pipes and drains. By taking this approach, you will cut down on plumbing difficulties, including the issues that leaks trigger.

For example, a leak may be either concealed or visible. Therefore, you can have a leak inside your wall or beneath your foundation and not know it. A plumber can detect a hidden leak by using some of today’s technologies. That way, he can fix the problem before it leads to a burst pipe or worse.

Usually, leaks often form around toilets, next to hot water heaters, and beneath sinks. However, they can form anywhere. That is why you need to have your pipes and drains regularly inspected.

2. Dripping Taps

Whilst a dripping tap may seem like a small annoyance, it actually constitutes a plumbing emergency. That is because the dripping can lead to bigger problems and also adds to your water usage. Drips worsen with time and trigger corrosion and flooding. That is why you need to contact a plumbing company at the first sign of dripping.

3. A Lack of Water Pressure

If you don’t’ have water pressure, you cannot wash clothes or shower. Therefore, you need to have the problem checked immediately by a plumbing specialist. Don’t wait to have this type of repair made as doing so can break up your daily routine. At the first sign of a drop in pressure, you should contact a plumbing contractor. You can find more resources at Drain Rescue.

4. No Hot Water

Another plumbing emergency that needs to be addressed immediately is when you don’t have hot water. If a hot water heater stops working, it just may have reached its useful life. That is why you should always have inspections made at least once a year. You can avoid replacing your hot water heater at an inopportune time.

5. A Drain or Pipe Blockage

You also need plumbing help if your drain or pipe is obstructed. A clog can happen for one of various reasons. Sometimes, the obstruction is due to tree roots or because of an accumulation of grease. Plumbers have cameras that they insert into drains and pipes that show where an obstruction is located.

Rio Knows The Importance Of Indoor Navigation

If you ever wondered about how important indoor navigation is, then just look at the Rio Airport. Host country of the 2016 Olympics anticipated the amount of foot traffic they were going to have and made the necessary changes. In 2016, that means an app!

The RIOgaleao-Tom Jobim International Airport

The RIOgaleao-Tom Jobim International Airport had over 1.5-million visitors for the Olympics. With that amount of new traffic in the location, it was important to have a way to let visitors know where to go. The numbers for the airport are huge and indoor navigation is difficult, if not impossible. It has more than 500,000 square meters of space and it’s known to be one of the busiest airports. It employs over 17,000 people and has two terminals that manage 27 different airlines. In terms of vendors there are more than 200.

With those numbers alone it is difficult to learn how to maneuver for locals, much less for foreigners. In 2014 the RIOgaleao Company took over with a long-term 25-year contract. When they moved in, they assessed the numbers and realized quickly that the growing demand of customers made it virtually impossible to meet their needs. This is where technology came into play.

Changes to Come

Airport CIO Alexandre Villeroy stated that they understand the impossible nature of running business for the rest of their contract without significant changes, indoor navigation being one of them. Attributing new management as the impetus, the airport’s detailed infrastructure to find corrective plans to manage anticipated growth is underway. The Olympics brought a sense of urgency to their planning. Villeroy stated that an average day brings 45,000 people to the airport, but prior to the Olympics they were planning for twice as much foot traffic.

After vetting options, the airport’s officials found that Hewlett Packard Enterprises had the best solution for their needs in terms of wiring. They upgraded to HPE data systems and it included the Meridian mobile app, among other important upgrades. The app however was one that made it easier for people to maneuver through the airport with their devices and indoor navigation capability. The key was to make a more stable and quickly-accessible network and to improve on the before-sketchy Wi-Fi capability.

Passengers Benefit

The RIOgaleao introduced their free mobile app for both iOS and Android-based devices. It allows for indoor navigation at a turn-by-turn detail level. The directions can be provided in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Passengers can use it to maneuver through the entire airport from baggage to waiting area to terminal and even to local shops and restaurants within the airport. They can even track the status of their flights, find out parking fees, and gather general information about the airport. Anything they need, they can find with the app.

In the future, the airport plans on incorporating app check-in, boarding baggage check and security via the app. The goal is to allow visitors to spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the beautiful airport and all it has to offer. This is just one example of how important indoor navigation is becoming.

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